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Phase 4 (Game)

Can you pass these tests without Chegg”. The game discusses some of the usual temptations that faces students at school and university to cheat in exams, assignments, projects, etc. Although the game has only 5 levels (each level has a follow up scenario for a total of 10 scenarios) the game is of high difficulty and it would be very surprising to see you pass the finish line. So if you are ready for this experience click the link below and discover how well you are in resisting temptations to cheat.

If you are interested to see my procedure of how I designed the game have a look at the following PDF file.


2 responses to “Phase 4 (Game)”

  1. This was really good – I could see clearly the negative consequences of NOT cheating each time, this is REALLY good.

    The main four things I need you to change about the game are:
    1. The background is too close in color to the yellow text. There are some slides where you have some kind of dark filter that makes the contrast better (like slide #8 – use that darker background so the text can be more clear)
    2. I don’t like that each time you cheat it is “game over”. Maybe each time you cheat, you get a different consequence of “this time Chegg gave you the right answer BUT when you went to the next course to do a project you couldn’t do it” or something like that
    3. You forgot to put the scenario where the parent helps give you a credit card to register in Chegg, right?
    4. The last scenario links aren’t working properly – even if I choose to cheat it takes me to the wrong place. So just fix those links.

    Also please reference photos used. I like the AUC one at the beginning.


    1. thank you for the feedback, I will work on it as soon as I can


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