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Digital Confidence Profile & Digital Path way activities

Knowing the difference between digital skills and digital literacy is essential to our study in the course and making this distinction is fundamental in our study.

Digital skills: The term digital skills encompasses the ability of a user to use the different aspects and features of a digital program. An illustrating example may be that a person using WordPress should acquire the skills of knowing how to make new posts, comment on others posting, insert images, files, or audios, etc.(More of the technical part of how to effectively use the technology)s

Digital literacy: The term digital literacies encompasses the ability of a user to ask more deep questions about the technology that are beyond the scope of how to use it. A person who is digitally literate about Facebook may ask questions like who is the cofounder of Facebook and what was the idea that brought it to life, how does Facebook affect our daily life, and is Facebook biased towards certain ethnic groups and against others.

Based on my “Digital Confidence Profile” results, I am comfortable in most of the technical and literacy areas with the exception of “Tools and technology” that is the part which asks about how well am I aware of how this technology work (programming, etc). My goal for the semester is to “level up” to the advanced level.


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