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Reflection Part 2-Tools Reflection


  Obviously it wasn’t my first this wasn’t time using zoom as I have used zoom previously in many other courses. However, it was my first time to join and interact with a group of international students from different backgrounds, like in Professor’s Zan’s class or through Soliya’s Exchange program.


I really liked working with slack, it is a little different platform than what I am used to like WhatsApp for instance. However, I think that it was very effective in helping us communicate, receive feedback, and share content together. I really liked how organized it was, for instance we had many different channels for various tasks and purposes.

Google Slides

Although I have used it as a usual slideware for my presentations previously, it was my first time to creatively design a game that is fully functional and interactive on such a simple platform that is originally designed for another purpose. I also learned many new tools and skills to manipulate images and slides in a w2ay that makes it more visually appealing to the users.

It was my first time creating my own blog, I believe that WordPress is a very effective platform for such purpose. You can do various tasks, post comments, attach images and submit assignments.        

Smart Board Wireless Projector

We used this tool on a regular basis during group activities mainly. Moreover, we connected our laptops to the smartboards using a new application we learned about in class, which connects you directly with the projector.


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