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Reflection Part 1

  1. What I learned in this course (whether you gained knowledge, skills or attitudes), and what specifically helped me learn it (think of this as “significant moments” where activities, interactions, readings, videos, etc promoted learning): (3-4 points)

The course was very fruitful, and full of new ideas, healthy discussions, and deep insights in many areas that are beyond my typical domain. The videos we watched from ‘The power of storytelling” to the very last video “Blaxites” aimed to make us aware of different topics from different perspectives and open up our minds to new thoughts. The skills we acquired during the semester are of particular significance in many areas in my life. The technological platforms we learned throughout the semester such as WordPress, slack, google slides, etc. are not only sufficient for our academic uses, but are also very convenient methods to interact and communicate with different people worldwide (socially) and may provide job opportunities that may not be available elsewhere.

2)  If I were to show someone my learning in this course, I would use these three things that I created (i.e. assignments, blogposts, etc) because…. (3 points)

If I were to show someone three of the things I created during this semester, it would definitely be my digital narrative game about cheating “Can you make it without Chegg” (Click here) to give people more insight about the temptations students had to face to honestly pass through a semester without deciding to cheat in a particular occasion. Secondly, the digital literacies pathway assignment (Click here) since its reflection provided useful tips in two major areas of interest that are “Presentation skills” and “image processing”. Lastly, the alternative ‘CV’ that was made at the very beginning of the semester because it shows the key information, I would want someone to know about myself.

3) If I could change 2-3 things about the course to improve it, I would change these things

If I could change three things about the course, it would be to add some topics such as how politicians manipulate technology to brainwash some ideas which favors their positions. Also, I would want to add more emphasis on analyzing the effect of technology on the well-being of humans and learn some useful tips to mitigate the negative effects of technology and social media. One more thing is to make a class were we organize and present (teach) a particular topic of interest after prior arrangement with the doctor.

4) In one sentence: What kind of person should take this course?

The kind of person that should take this course is someone who is eager new thigs in a new way.


One response to “Reflection Part 1”

  1. I think you forgot to put the links for all the “click here” parts!


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